High adventure with card and dice.
For 1-2 players. Ages 13 and up.
Approximate playtime: 30-45 min.
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You have just completed a magnificent quest, sure to bring you fame and fortune...eventually. First, you must find your way back home.

But beware!

Treacherous creatures seek to block your path.

Hero’s Journey Home begins at the end of a great quest. Your adventurers have defeated a terrible enemy and claimed a magical prize, but now they must make the long journey back home.

Strange and deadly monsters know your party is weak and in possession of a powerful item, and they will pursue you until all have been defeated.

Play as a party drawn from 15 individual adventurers; from the Bard to the Paladin to the Automaton and the Time Traveler. Every adventure is as unique as you choose it to be!

90 individually illustrated cards: 10 Quests, 10 Quest Items, 15 Adventurers, 10 Spells, 45 Journey cards
20 Papergold (money) cards
24 Dice: 2d20, 2d6, 20 mini (12mm) d6
24-page Rulebook


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