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The Amazing Marvel, Wonder of the Ages!

The Amazing Marvel was a small toy I created a few years ago. The idea being that this object was actually a very powerful icon of the universe. I only made one and gave it away as a gift, but I've always wanted to make more of them.

Basically it was made from assorted hardware parts. It stood about 6" high and was shaped in the form of a crude human. Not crude as in they think Carlos Mencia is funny, but crude in creation.

It came in a lovely box with a list of instructions and abilities. I aged the paper by strategically setting it on fire (using all necessary precautions) and dousing it with water. You'd be amazed what a little heat can add to your work. Then I topped it all of with cool old rubber stamp dates and various orders like "Approved" and "File" and it was ready to go.

I really like the idea of a toy marketed as having its own free will and the ability to change the course of eternity. Yeah it was mostly an artistic exercise, but in my mind it'd be really satisfying to wake up some Saturday morning and see that among the ads for money shot water guns and whatever esteem-crushing dolls they've got for little girls.

On the old artsick site, before this redesign, I had a Flash piece which went into more detail. I've dug that up and if you click on the pic below it'll open that up for you (in a new window). Oh and don't bother writing to the email address in there (cuz I knew you were just dying to), I don't check that one anymore.

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