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Antianagramophones are dictionary words created by the rearranging of syllables of another word and/or phonetically reversing at least one of the syllables.

For these, when I say "reversing the syllables", I mean that you would pronounce them in the reverse of how they are spoken, like a recording you play backwards (e.g. election => nishkeluh).

I've created a few, and they're a lot harder to come up with than I first thought. So far I've only got it worked out with some two-syllable words. If you make any with three or more syllables, let me know.

I realize not all of the above are as clean as can be, but I think it's an interesting idea and that there are more out there. Also, and this may be a sticking point, a lot of it depends upon your own pronunciation of a particular word.

But in any event, I find creating them is a good way to get my mind looking at words and how they're put together.

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