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Applejack, I hit the sack; I've been too long, I'm glad to be back

This past weekend we were able to finally adopt Applejack, the white-bellied caique. We were fostering him for a while but it was during the time we were moving in and we didn't think we'd be able to keep him. Fortunately, things settled down and now we have him back for good.

If you haven't been around a caique before, they're fairly hyper parrots. Applejack especially is a big ball of energy. From the time he gets up to the time he crashes he's ready to party. The video below is a typical 20 seconds of his day. Seriously. This isn't some lucky shot of the one time he's playing with a toy and gyrating. It goes on like this throughout the day.

The video is streaming so it's probably loading as we speak, if it seems to jump as you're watching then it probably isn't fully loaded.

The day we picked him up he'd been awake since early in the morning and was getting tons of attention from everyone. As we left, we thought, "Oh hey he's probably burned out from all that activity." Incorrect! The whole car ride back he was whistling and letting us know that, indeed, his name is Applejack.

Of course it's not all fun and games. I mean, mostly it is, but he's got some pretty solid emotions going on. When he wants something, he must have it; and when he doesn't want something or to go somewhere, he's a-bitin'. But that mainly just speaks more to his understanding of his surroundings than anything else.

And for a bird with the energy of an Amazon on crank and a beak that can bend steel (unverified), his bites are pretty handle-able.

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