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Graham's Bachelor Week: Day 2

I never really realized how difficult it is to take care of as many animals as we have; Rowan usually handles their situations during the day and when I get home in the evening I just hang out with them and do some basic cleaning, nothing too demanding most nights.

Now, I don't want to act like I'm one of those foster mothers who takes in a boatload of retarded kids, but really I feel this is exactly the same. The house is filled with crazy and unwarranted screams, laughs, barks, the occasional poo on the floor; and Auk (the African Grey) will every so often throw out a nonsense phrase in Rowan's voice just to keep things spooky.

I barely had time to get up and watch the Reading-Arsenal match on FSC this morning such was the labor required to feed everyone. And that included making tea and a cheesy bagel sammich for myself.

No, I have learned a new appreciation for what Rowan goes through a daily basis, and I miss her indeed. Now, I don't want to act like I'm one of those soldiers risking their lives on a daily basis over in Iraq, separated from their families for months on end, but really it can't be much different than this.

Good god, now Auk is barking. Will this odyssey ever end?!

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