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Graham's Bachelor Week: Day 3

A serving size is 1 portion?
Why I could eat the whole box
in one sitting and not gain a

Not only is it day 3 of my bachelor week, it's also day 2 of my Steak-umm™-a-thon! Before last night I don't think I'd had a Steak-umm™ in about 5 years. When I was a kid they probably made up roughly 15% of my diet, so I think over the course of my life it'll probably even out.

Here's an interesting bit of trivia: the domain name is available. I know, weird isn't it? Maybe it won't be in the near future, but for now if you want it, grab it up! I always leave off the second "m" in Steak-umm™ anyways, I'm sure a lot people do. The Steak-umm™ people really need to address that common mistake, it could be costing them precious sales.

Actually I think I'm going to take advantage of that problem and create my own knock-off brand: Steak-unnghs!. They'll be the porn-site squatter version of the Steak-umm™. The commercials will just be people taking a bite outta the sammich and then going like "UnghhhH!!!!" like they just had a really fake orgasm. Man, I'll be rich in no time.

Thank you, and please tip your waitress
One day while driving down the road, Rowan and I were looking at the people walking along the sidewalk and I was suddenly struck by the strangeness of jeans. Most jeans, really, are just blue pants.

Think how many people go out and put on their denim blue pants in the morning and go about their day. You can wear almost anything with jeans; not so with actual, for real blue pants.

"Hey I just got these new blue pants, thought I might throw on my brown and green vertically-striped sweater." Hold on there lonesome dove, maybe first put one eye in front of the other so you can see how you look.

In fact, the one thing that doesn't go with blue jeans, is more denim.

And what is the deal with airline peanuts?

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