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Graham's Bachelor Week: Day 4

Today marks the delicious end of my Steak-umm-a-thon, with tomorrow bringing the lactic start of a two-day Totino's 20k Pizza Run-Walk. While reluctant to turn this frosty pink page from which I have read the joys of life, I cannot wallow in greasy bitterness like so many caramelized onions; I must move from strength to strength.

Perhaps to make it more exciting I will use my own toppings: onion, garlic, hot peppers, tuna. Did you know tuna is one of the most popular pizza toppings in the UK?*

That actually got me thinking about the top toppings in different countries, so I checked this one site and I think I found my favorite: the Mayo Jaga from Japan. It's potato, mayonnaise, and bacon. Combine that with the pizza cheese and it's my USDA Food Pyramid All-Star team! Fruits and veggies, you're on the bench for this one.

I like the idea so much I think I'm going to have the phrase "Mayo Jaga" put on my tombstone. OMG that could totally be a Tombstone Pizza commercial!!!1!122@!! I too funny.

Now I know why the caged bird sings.

There's no indication on that site of how you prepare it and I don't feel like looking it up elsewhere. I'm just going to assume you mash the potatoes with the mayo and bacon and smear it on the pizza. Too bad Rowan's got the camera or I'd be all like, "I'm gonna take a picture of it." Oh well, there's no law saying you can't make it more than once.

Or maybe there is, who the hell knows. I just know I'm making myself hungry.

*Hey if you're actually in England and you're reading this, can you tell me what's up with the tuna thing? Is it whole chunks of tuna or sorta shredded up or what? I'm actually quite interested to know.

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