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A Compendium of Historical Drifters: Biscuit Dough

Biscuit Dough (1801-1878) drifted in and around the Atlanta area throughout much of the 1800's, mainly on what was known as the "Gall Bladder Circuit" due to the shape of the path.

Notoriously boastful, violent, and crude, he claimed to have an IQ of 300 and referred to himself as the "Genius Drifter". When a local school teacher told him the IQ scale hadn't been invented yet, he responded, "Exactly," and then bit off her eyebrows.

Below you'll find a map tracing the path Biscuit Dough traveled all his days, along with some highlights of his life on the move.

The map sometimes doesn't load the overlay correctly; if you don't see anything other than a plain map, try refreshing the page.

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