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Something David Lee Roth Has Said/Quote from Condition

We're all going to die of something, but I know I won't die of stomach cancer.


My inspiration was Captain Lou Albano on angel dust.

The remains were found in an ancient lake bed near the town of Changma.

Get this, I call him Hagar the Horrible.


Our feeling was, it could be dangerous in a tightly sealed environment but not in a shopping mall-type environment.

So basically you're saying you lost my tiger-stripe spandex.

Come on, Lazaria, it's OK.

He's good, but he's no Scatman.

What do "waterproof," "all day," "UVA/UVB protection," and "sunblock," mean to you?

Nah, I gotta practice my spin kicks.


When it comes to sexuality a certain malaise is still there, taboos and problems persist.


Booz-ely booz-ely bop!

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