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Did You Know? Part 1

Apples are neither fruit nor vegetable. They're delicious.

The game Risk was actually created by The National Tourist Board of Greenland.

Coca-Cola never contained trace amounts of cocaine; it was heroin. In 1979 they replaced the heroin with rainbows.

In the movie "Jaws", the shark was originally scripted to be Jewish. But when the yarmulke wouldn't stay on in the water they changed it to Hindu.

Hitler had a photo of Ford on his desk and Ford had a photo of Hitler on his. When it became apparent to the world what a cruel and evil man Hitler was, Ford replaced it with a photo of Stalin.

While it's true that modern Australia was founded by British criminals, all of them were only guilty of jaywalking. To this day there are no crosswalks in Australia.

If you die in your dreams you won't die in real life, but if you fall asleep in a dream you'll have twice as hard a time waking up.

There have been only two unanimous elections in US Presidential history. One being before George Washington's first term as executive; the second being when William Howard Taft proclaimed himself "President of Hot Dogs".

The rise in GPS usage worldwide correlates closely to the increase in "Where are they now?" programs.

Many people think the song "Short People" by Randy Newman is a dig at those of below-average height ("Short people got no reason to live..."). In truth, Newman was a voracious heroin addict who couldn't stand the thought of being low - "short" - on the drug. This also explains why he gave up drinking Coca-Cola in 1979.

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