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Did You Know? Part 2

Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story using only six words. The end result, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn.", is fairly well known. Less well known is his first attempt: "So drunk I bought baby shoes."

You can't fight City Hall, except on Cybertron.

At 3:24am on July 14th 1989, Mike Dewarson of Chicago had his mind officially blown when he realized that in The Wizard of Oz the tornado transported Dorothy from a small town to a "small" town.

The major hurdle in splitting atoms is overcoming their debilitating codependency.

The Baby Ruth candy bar was not named after the baseball player Babe Ruth, but rather after Ty Cobb, who once punched a baby named Ruth.

The Inuit language has over 30 words for snow, but only one for "sucks".

The first computer punchcards featured a printed box in the top corner to allow programmers to number them according to the order they were to be inserted into the machine. It was later removed when the programmers complained about a shortage of anecdotes.

The Great Pyramids are actually like icebergs in that only 1/9th of their total size is viewable in plain sight. The Egyptians called them "Sandbergs", after the guy who did most of the heavy lifting.

The American Conference of Amateurish Astronomers has concluded that Pluto, which was recently demoted from planet status due to it's small size, should be re-instated as a planet. They claim it only looks so small because it's so much further away than the other planets.

The two best ways to increase heart and lung activity in the morning are exercise and having a cantaloupe slip on the first cut.

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