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Dream or Reality: Two scenarios

The purpose of this piece is to present two situations which, after reading, you must decide: which is a dream and which really happened?


My brother, father and I are walking up a hill towards the parking lot of a nature park in California, near San Francisco. When we reach the parking lot we see a car with its window smashed and loads of broken glass on the ground below. We stand there for a moment talking about how much that's going to suck for someone and how odd it is that so much of the glass is on the outside.

Watch your windows!

All of a sudden a man approaches carrying a radio-controlled airplane. He walks directly up to us and, while looking at the broken window, states in a nervous monotone, "That wasn't here when I arrived."

We all sort of mumble something about it being strange and wondering how it happened, since nothing seemed to have been taken from inside the car.

"That wasn't here when I arrived," the man repeats in the exact same way as before.

"No, yeah I guess not," one or all of us say.

"That wasn't here when I arrived," once again. The man then walks off down the dirt path which leads back to the road.

We all have our demons


I was in high school, talking with my Latin teacher in the hallway before class.

We talked for a bit and then walked into the classroom which, surprisingly, had no desks. But it did have a giant demon. He was tall, red and had horns; very classic. He was laying on this raised chaise lounge and when we came in he started talking about the little demon he had inside himself.

I looked at his stomach, which was translucent, and you could see this smaller demon moving around in there. He said the little demon didn't bother him much and never tried to escape. As he said this the little demon raced up and tried to get out through his mouth.

This caused the larger demon who, until now, had been speaking in a cliched ultra-deep devil voice, to give out a loud and prolonged high-pitched shriek which caused the little demon to run back down.

That freaked me out a little bit so I started to fake a stomach ache so I could leave. I had to get out, but I didn't want to be rude. As I left I doubled over in mock agony.

So what's the decision? Which one is a dream, and which actually happened? Maybe they're both dreams. Or maybe both situations really did occur.

If they both did happen, does that make me crazy? Or does it make you gullible? Those are important considerations. But who can for certain say what the answers are? Well me, for one. And I'm not telling.

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