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Famous Last Thoughts

As opposed to last words, last thoughts are the final ideas/regrets/concerns which come to mind as one is about to expire. Below is an assortment of the final thoughts of some well-known people.

"I'd be perfectly fine if that nurse would just adjust my pillow; I'll ask her real quick."
Albert Einstein (1955)

"That's the third time Mary's checked her watch in the last ten minutes. And she keeps looking back at the balcony door. She must be as bored as I am."
Abraham Lincoln (1865)

"Man, deep-fried valium was an awesome idea."
Elvis Presley (1977)

"They'll never find me if I hide in this gun barrel."
Adolph Hitler (1945)

"Jack will save me; it's not like a Kennedy to just let someone die."
Marilyn Monroe (1962)

"Yeah this settles it: I'm just not a hat person."
Jesus (32)

"To think, when I wake up tomorrow I'll be governor."
Ronald Reagan (2004)

"At least Liza will grow up normal. Mmmm...seconal and ye shall find..."
Judy Garland (1969)

"I'm so done with music, from now on it's gun repair all the way!"
Kurt Cobain (1994)

"That one time the reporter asked what I thought of Western Civilization and I said I thought it was a good idea, that was pretty cool. But what can I ever say to top it? Nah, can't focus on that; you're Gandhi. Gandhi! A superstar of non-violent resistance! Gan-DHI! Gan-DHI! Gan-DHI!"
Gandhi (1948)

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