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Found Photos, Part 1
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Not long ago I was shopping at an antique store along 460, near Wakefield, when I found this old, green, metal box. In it were bunches of old photographs which I presume belonged to someone in the Army or maybe the Air Force. Many of them were rolled up in on themselves like they'd been pinned up somewhere in the open for a long time.

The guy at the store said his brother had bought them at an auction just so he could get two pictures. One of a woman made up to look deceased and another of a grave.

So I'm going through and scanning the more interesting ones, or maybe I'll do them all eventually, and posting them here. I won't give too much commentary on them as I think they stand pretty well on their own. Also, if you somehow know any of these people, let me know.

This first one is of a young girl, and the photo has been made into a postcard. The postcard doesn't seem to have ever been sent so maybe it was given to the owner before they left. On the back is a note:

To Jimmie
from Mary Marshall
- 10 years -
So you won't forget how I look

The next is a shot of the man's roommate where he was stationed, in Paris. The note on the back reads:

Capt Ed Nalin
Dec 51
1606 AP Gp(?) Paris France

The last one I'm posting today is of who I assume was a female clerk or receptionist on the base. There's nothing written on the back of the photo so there's no name or designation to go on. The blurriness in the image is from the original photograph.

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