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Found Photos, Part 2
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Here are three more images from the same box as before. These are considerably older and I imagine they are of the man's family. I've touched them up slightly as far as color because they are in fairly bad shape.

This first one is of a middle-aged man standing on a bridge. It's dated 1914 on the lower right-hand corner. Maybe it's the man's father.
The next is a family shot; it looks like a mother, a grandmother, and the mother's son gathered at a camp. The hat looks like a cavalry hat, but I really have little to know knowledge of military dress. It's dated 1918 in the upper right, so maybe it was taken during WWI or just after it ended.

This last one is probably in the worst shape of all, but it's still a great shot I think. There's another middle-aged man, not the same from the first pic I don't think, sitting in the grass with his niece(?). They both seem to have playful stern looks and the man doesn't seem to mind kneeling in the grass while wearing a suit.

There's no date on this one, but on the back it says in printed numbers "36". I don't know if that means 1936 or if it's some other type of identification.

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