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Fried Cauliflower with Sweet Chili Sauce

This was sort of inspired by the kick-ass fried cauliflower & potato we've had a few times over at Tandoor. I'm sure theirs is deep-fried but Rowan shallow-fried hers. We had it over rice w/ some tasty Sweet Chili Sauce. You'll want to start the rice before anything else.

The Batter
It's a very simple batter made from a couple eggs, flour & salt. It's about the consistency of pancake batter, maybe a touch thinner.

Then you dump a cut/washed/dried head of cauliflower in the batter bowl and then, once they're all coated, transfer that to a bowl of bread crumbs.

The Cooking
From there, it's into the hot oil. Be sure you're cool working with hot oil because it can be dangerous if you're not paying attention or use too much oil or any of that. Not that I'm doubting your skills, but I just feel like I should say.

Just cook about half the batch at a time so it's not all crowded in there and, you know, drain on them a paper towel covered plate when they're done. If you've ever eaten a fried food before you'll know when they're done.

The Sauce & The Rice
So place some of the finished cauliflower over rice and drizzle with the Sweet Chili Sauce. Or if you're weird about sauces, put some on the side for dipping.

You might think you could eat ten or more of these things; so small and it's just cauliflower, right? Wrong! Combined with the rice these things fill you up so fast you won't even believe it. So savor each bite or you'll be pretty sad.

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