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The Hottest New Shows of the 2007 Fall Season

I like to think I have my hand on the pulse of television executives. They like to think I'm a doctor, so everybody wins. But my close proximity to those in the know means I'm near the know which, as you may or may not know, is a good place to be.

So, having written a preface, below is a list of what are rumored to be the best new shows coming to your screen this fall.

Things are Looking Up! (CBS; Thursdays, 930-10pm)

Based on the British comedy Feengs iz Lookin' Up, Ain't Dey?, this sitcom follows the ups and downs of a tight-knit group of suburban Chicago chimney sweeps.

Chris Kattan stars as Geoff Plum, the only bachelor of the bunch. But will the new chimney girl, Millie (Annette Bening), change all that???

Let's Play Ball, America! (NBC; Mondays, 8-830pm)

NBC tries to regain control of the ratings with this in-your-face, reality-meets-drama-meets-online-contest all-in-one blockbuster.

Chris O'Donnell is Judah Plowshare, a recovering alcoholic with breast cancer, recently fired from his job as a sports reporter after having admitted he hadn't watched a game in over six years.

Can you, the viewer, change Judah's luck? Vote online to pick his new love interest who will then go on the show, as themself. Man, woman, collective, it's up to you! Must be over 21 and clean.

I So Wanna Be Iago! (CBS; Tuesdays, 9-10pm)

Who has what it takes to play Shakespeare's ultimate villain, the embodiment of two-faced manipulation, filled with a burning hatred masked by false friendship?

Will it be Brady, the hottie bartender from South Boston? Chaz, the hottie bartender from Chicago? Or Brady, the hottie bartender from LA? You decide, America, who gets to star opposite Jamie Foxx in an all-new production of Othello.

Hard Times Lottery (ABC; Sundays, 8-9pm)

People affected by life get free stuff.

You Don't Deserve This (Fox; Fridays, 1130-12pm)

This half-hour show features a different Fox Broadcasting executive each week offering an apology for the current week's programming.

Viewers are encouraged to text in the amount of time they've spent watching Fox that week, with a running tally of accrued hours appearing in a box on the bottom left of the screen.

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