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Dinner for an Insomniac: Potato Pancakes & Black Beans

Tater Pancakes
Peel and grate 3 mediumish-sized red potatoes. This turned out to make 3 good-sized pancakes; so you can say every potato makes at least one pancake. Or, for the logically inclined, P -> p. (If you're using IE, you won't get that joke; it doesn't seem to support the ∀ and &exists; entities. Good times.)

Put the grated taters in a strainer with small holes and press out as much liquid as possible; or just squeeze them over a bowl with your hands. The latter method works best if you have Hulk-like manual power. Mix in one egg and enough flour to make it a nice thick consistency. Not too dry though, sort of like (ta-da!) pancake batter.

Add half a chopped vidalia onion, one chopped clove garlic. Sprinkle the mix with coarse salt and fresh ground pepper. If you only have pre-ground pepper, force the tiny pepper flecks into a tight ball and then fake like you're grinding it.

Heat up some sunflower oil in a cast iron pan, enough to shallow fry, on medium heat. Drop the taters in from a ladle into little pancake piles and fry on both sides until crispy golden brown.

Serve with fresh salsa & sour cream over top and black beans on the side. Applesauce even further to the side.

Make the Salsa!
Go on your back porch and grab three smallish tomatoes, a handful each of fresh cilantro and basil, along with a jalepeño.

Coarse chop it all and throw it in the food processer with a dash of lemon, cumin, sea salt, a clove of garlic, and half a vidalia.

Process until it's the consistency you like. If it comes out too juicy, put it through a strainer. I think "put it through a strainer" will be next summer's pop-catchphrase.

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