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King Mountain #2, Unfinished

A few years ago I began drawing this comic, King Mountain; I only did one issue but it was fun and I sent it to comic book shops around the country as well as Australia. I think I sold one in New York, but it totally sold out in Australia! But yeah, that was the last comic I did.

I started a second issue, but for some reason I didn't finish it. I remember the story behind it and now I wish I had completed it. I suppose I always could, but maybe I'll just keep it as a reminder that I should see more things through to completion.

1 & 2 - The story is about a group of monks who live high in the mountains, above the clouds in monastery carved into the side of a mountain. All day they meditate in small groups, in small rooms.
3 & 4 - One day one of the monks, through meditation, discovers a way in which to convert one's entire being into energy. The resulting blast rocks the mountaintop. It is also loud enough and large enough that it is noticed by nearby kingdoms.

Believing that the monks are in possession of a terrible new weapon which must be had, the kings conspire to kidnap them and learn what they know.

5 & 6 - Realizing that it is the monks themselves which are the weapons, the kings enslave the monks and after rounds of torture & hypnotism they turn the monks loose on neighboring enemies. The monks simply walk to the center of the enemy city, sit, and begin to meditate. Soon, they reach their strange enlightenment and the whole of the enemy is simply flattened.

After a time, some monks are able to escape and they climb back up the mountain. They threaten to blow themselves up for good and be of no use to anyone should some person try and reach them. They begin to meditate again, but now they think only upon and within the thin line between wakefulness and sleep.

Many sit and call up the mountain, entreating the monks with gold, riches and fame. No one dares climb the mountain anymore, but there are those who put a food forward. The monks themselves will not listen, in fact they don't even hear the pleas. They sit for all eternity among the peace of one another's thoughts.

So yeah I wrote the story, but never finished up the inking. And I probably had another couple of pages to go as well, but you get the idea.

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