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Conspiracy Cutaway: Los Angeles

This is the second in a series of illustrations showing what lies beneath the relatively normal exterior of great American cities. I hope this will clear up a lot of confusion regarding what's really been going on right under our noses.

Los Angeles is an exotic jumble of sociocultural highs and lows. It is the great west coast melting pot: a collection of the great, the not-so great, the once-great, the soon-to-be great and the people who can tell which is which and make money off it.

It is a city which, through sheer force of will and large amounts of cash, has become a place we cannot, as American consumers, do without.

The Los Angeles we can see is incredibly intense while maintaining an air of relaxation. It is teeming with culture yet acts like the worst kind of vacuous, superficial man-child imaginable.

Los Angeles is a gold-plated clown with a stick of dynamite up his ass. Little wonder then the underground is so much a distorted reflection of what lies above.

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