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Rabbit Wetzel and the Marmalade Shoebox

One fine day Rabbit Wetzel was picking berries in Farmer Cholom's field when he came upon a shoebox filled with golden marmalade.

"What a stupendous find! I shall eat my fill and leave the rest for tomorrow!", Wetzel exclaimed. And he did just that. He ate until his belly was full, his limbs became heavy and his eyelids even heavier.

"Such tiring work this is! It is time to go home and relax." With the last of his strength he closed up the box, hid it underneath a nearby bush and made his way slowly back to the little rabbit hole where he lived.

All that night he dreamed of the marmalade and of the fun he would eventually have showing off the empty shoebox to his friends.

"This is where it was," he would tell them proudly, "more marmalade than has ever been gathered in one place."

One of his jealous friends would ask, "Why didn't you save any for us?"

"Why, I didn't even think to ask, I thought you were busy."

"I'm a porcupine, Wetzel, I'm never busy."

And then Wetzel woke from his dream, determined to keep quiet about the marmalade.

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