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Subculture Studies: Apollo Moon Landing Hoax Societies

This series will explore little-known subcultures throughout the world. The groups, organizations and loose affiliations which will be covered are spread far and wide, with few outsiders aware of their existence.

The first subcultures to be explored are three which claim the Apollo Moon Landing was a hoax.

Of course, there are many groups which claim it to be a hoax, but the three described below are considered, even by their peers, to be on the far fringes of an already out-there movement.

The Mars Landing Society
The Mars Landing Society believes the Apollo moon landing was not only faked, but that it was covering up an actual trip to Mars.

But why would NASA not want anyone to know they were working on a Mars mission, and why cover it up with a fake moon landing?

From the MLS pamphlet This Mars is Our Mars (1998):

According to secretly obtained xeroxed documents from November 1960, American spies reported that Russia had begun work on a fake moon landing to cover up their intentions of conquering and colonizing Mars, turning it into a truly Red planet.

Incensed, President Kennedy ordered NASA to step up America's own fake-landing initiative and get to work on a militarized intercept craft set for Mars, to be followed by select American colonists.

MLS members believe Russian "Communauts" met American "Space Democfantry" shortly after landing and engaged them in open combat. Thus, say the MLS, World War III was fought on Mars, unbeknownst to the people of Earth.

No hard evidence of the war exists, or will ever be found, they say, owing to the fact that both sides used up all of their fuel and power cells on the enormous battle, stranding whatever survivors were left in the desolate Martian desert.

And, over the course of mere weeks, high winds buried all remnants of both forces under many feet of red dirt and sand.

The Saturn Landing Society
The Mars Landing Society should not be confused with The Saturn Landing Society, who have taken this idea a step further.

They believe that not only was the moon landing faked, but that the Mars landing conspiracy is itself a cover-up of a super-secret Saturn landing.

For evidence, the SLS have their own collection of 60's-era xeroxed documents known as "The Straightforward Papers", written by a supposed government agent known only by the codename "Steakfoot", who lays out in detail the Saturn plan.

The intended audience is not known, but it is assumed to be high-level members of the intelligence community.


Oo: "Steakfoot"
Dt: xx.xx.196x
No: 002-03-9830

The mission to Saturn is coming along smoothly; we're meeting with the Chinese aerospace delegation on Sunday to finalize the joint-launch details and we are currently waiting on the Indo-Canadian calculations for use in our landing procedure.

It seems as if the multi-national "Launch for Peace" initiative is working even better than expected. But on the misinformation front, I have some sobering news.

It has come to our attention that no less than 12 nations are working on their own fake moon landing. We are falling far behind even Turkey in this endeavour. I implore you to secure funding for the required lights & cameras, actors, science fiction writers, et cetera along with the various Hollywood hangers-on we simply must have if we are to compete.

I cannot stress how important it is that the United States be the first nation to fake a moon landing. How will it look if somewhere like Britain broadcasts their landing first? I don't even think they have astronauts. That is an embarrassment I will not suffer.

In order to divert other nations' resources from the FML, it is my suggestion that we start a secondary, low-frequency misinformation campaign, perhaps involving military build-ups in space and playing off of the "Communist Threat." I have already contacted Moscow and they are fine with us again casting them as the enemy if it means the LFP will run more smoothly.

We have arranged for a "spy exchange" (i.e. astronaut delivery) to take place on the 9th. We will discuss further on that date. Also, they will soon be shipping the completed test rockets and landing module to Cuba in preparation for launch.

Aside from this damning document, the SLS point to the fact that World War III could simply not have been fought on Mars; mainly because once you leave Earth, the numbering of wars resets. Technically, on Mars they would have only been fighting World War I.

The Moon Landing Society
Recently, one SLS member began a splinter group, The Moon Landing Society.

He believes the Saturn-Mars-Moon faked landing/cover-up is an even larger conspiracy which masks a different, genuine moon landing; albeit one in which the astronauts were killed by a giant radioactive Robert Kennedy.

To date, group membership stands at exactly 1.

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