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Morrissey Gets Moved In

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we moved Morrissey (formerly Mr.Lovely) into the office with all the other parrots. We had kept him quarantined for about 6 weeks in a separate room while we got him tested and checked out by the vet.

He seems quite happy in the new environment, he's talking a lot more and is definitely more active. Mostly he just says, "Uh-huh" or sometimes "Huh...uh-huh." Even more rare is, "Uh-huh-huh".

He will make a metallic coughing noise every so often, or some laser beam sounds if he's especially wanting of attention. Lately he's been trying to form more complex phrasings; he's practicing, so it's not very clear what he's trying to say.

He's splay-legged so he doesn't get around quite as swiftly on foot as the other birds, plus he only recently grew a flight feather so he's not tops on the flying either.

Hopefully someday he'll be all flighted and can build up some more muscle. It doesn't seem he can fully extend his wings, but he has taken a couple of very short (1-2ft.) flights.

His cage is filled with rope & bottlebrush highways so he can get to all the food/water/sleep areas. At first it didn't seem like he was into any toys, but eventually we hit upon paper. He loves him some paper, thus his cage is now graced with a festive santa claus pinata. He hasn't torn it to bits, but he does occasionally like to pick at santa.

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