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I'm the most talented musician ever

Here are a few mixes I've made in past year or so. They're about my first crack at using mixing software (eJay) and I'm keen to try something different. But I still enjoy listening to these occasionally.

Along with the titles I'm listing a couple of the tracks I used in creating the mix, but usually there were a couple more samples than that at least; not counting the beats/horns/strings and all that.

You can click each one to play it (pops a small window), or right-click > Save As. If you can't get it to work, you broke my site.

Melt the Cat - 01:51 - Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin & Melt with You, by Modern English.

Puttin' on the Falco - 01:18 - Puttin' on the Ritz, sung by Fred Astaire & Rock Me Amadeus, by Falco.

Harold and Maude - 00:57 - Bonnie and Clyde, by Luna.

Who's Gonna Drive You Stoned - 01:17 - Who's Gonna Drive You Home, by The Cars & Not Your Steppin' Stone, by The Monkees.

Nobody Told Mellencamp - 01:32 - Jack & Diane, by John Mellencamp & Nobody Told Me, by John Lennon.

Wise Fly Won't Stop - 02:24 - It's Not Going to Stop, by Aimee Mann & Return of the Fly, by The Misfits.

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