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Overheard Conversations, 1

Sometimes when I'm out I listen in on other people's conversations. Not that I make it my business to eavesdrop, but sometimes people are so close that you can't help it. This is a conversation I recently overheard. I've filled in gaps where I missed a word or two, and given the two people involved the quite imaginative names Allen & Brian.

Allen: Did you see on the news that story where the church exploded and all that was left was the statue of the Virgin Mary? Doesnít that just give you chills? I mean, to think that everything else was destroyed but that one statue was untouched; like God was protecting it.

Brian: But the rest of the church blew up right?

A: Why are you so negative?

B: Iím not negative; I just donít use tragedies to confirm my belief in a loving higher power. Youíre like one of those people with the ĎAmerica, bless Godí bumper stickers. No you are one of those people. Itís so selfish. ĎWhew! Glad it was those poor losers and not us. Thanks God!í

A: I think youíre missing the point, you need to be able to find the good in the bad times or youíll go crazy.

B: Has anyone ever told you that paper towels were a mistake?

A: Whatís that?

B: Paper towels, they werenít on purpose.

A: How so?

B: Back seventy-five years ago or so the Scot company, it was like four brothers, were in the toilet paper business. They made the soft tissue in a mill, shipped it to another plant where it was cut it into rolls, then packed it up and off it went. But one day the mill screwed up and the paper came to them thick and heavy; no good for bathroom use. One of the brothers decided to sell the product, without cutting the rolls down in size, as disposable kitchen towels. Housewives loved the paperís high durability and absorbency. It was a huge success of course and the Scot company profited greatly and still does to this day.

A: Thatís interesting, but why are you telling me about it now?

B: Because thatís finding the good in the bad; taking a bad situation and making something good from it.

A: Donít paper towels just contribute to deforestation, littering and the whole disposable culture?

B: Well now whoís being negative?

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