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Quotable Quotes 1

When it comes to reading, I like whatever it is to be short in length, or at least broken up into small pieces. I can read a long book, but really only if the chapters are short. I don't know why that is, usually I say I'm just lazy, but I'm sure there's more to it than that. Anyway, it explains why I'm such a big fan of quotes.

They're short, to the point, and even at times when you have no idea about the context in which they were said/written, they always mean something (even if it's not what the author intended).

So, below, I've collected a short list of some of my favorites. Some you may know, some you may not, but all of them, I hope, will have some sort of meaning for you.

"Wealthy people often enjoy playing poor. It allows them to be both the beggar and the chooser."
Prince Myton Bonseilles (1822)

"They say opposites attract."
"Well I'm bi-polar."
Jerry and Sue from Last Stop: Haunted Mansion (1989)

"Sometimes, the one you least suspected really did have nothing to do with the incident - thatís why you suspected them the least."
Kent Greystone (1903)

"My son, if you cultivate a reputation for being lazy, sooner or later youíll stop being asked to work. Cultivate my son, cultivate in the ways of your father and his father before him."
Sir Franklin Whytte (1833)

"An exhibition today found lacking. The hounds have been let loose - I demand exacticity! If you remember one thing I say, remember this: something upon which favorability is not to be bestowed is un-clarity!"
Hiram Tredicott (1889)

"When I left home for the last time my father told me that a philosophy would only carry you but so far. Of course, that was just a philosophy, and it has only carried me but so far."
Preston Samuel, Sheriff (1869)

"Sir, where do you go now?"
"Hmm, to the stars."
"Iím afraid I donít follow."
"And Iím afraid you canít."
from Night of the One Thousand by Jerome Penrose (1802)

"Iím not saying Iím Godís gift to women, what I am saying is that it may be the other way around."
Miller Funk (1943)

"And what of this man?"
"This man keeps all secrets."
"Does he speak?"
"Were he to speak, a thousand promises would be broken."
from The Fourth Perimeter by Herman Herrmann (1903)

"When I was young an old man said to me, 'Remember, one day you too will be old.' In my life, my only regret is having believed him."
Chief John Weymouth of the Piploki (1874)

"Esmerelda, you silly girl, we can't get married! What would Dagmar say?"
"She'd say, 'Do it, boy!'"
from The Unhappy Life of Commander Gotsch, by P.L. Thurnow (1933)

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