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Quotable Quotes 2

Below are more of my favorite quotes, some recent and others not so. If you like these, check out the first installment.

"Tastes change so quickly these days. You can't even be famous for 15 minutes anymore. It's a week at most."
Andy Warhol, III (2006)

"Elton John thinks he's hot shit because he has a t-shirt that says 'Zap' on it. I have a 'Zap' shirt, too, so fuck it."
Desi Goblet (1973)

"Sure I've done bad things. I've hurt people. I'd feel bad, too, if I remembered doing any of it."
Dr Bigwyg Pusfuches (1933)

"If I said you had a nice heating pad, would you hold it against me?"
Derek Points (1982)

"If you want proof God has a sense of humor, punch a baby."
Heddy Trench (1998)

"You'll never sway a Hindu by saying, 'You're only young once.'"
Simon Dovemeat (2001)

"No man is an island, in the literal sense."
Captain Duke Throatbone (1896)

"If you're out buying donuts for a group of people, be sure to get two for each person who said they didn't want one."
Peggy Mums (1984)

"A man walked up to me the other day and said, 'Ignorance is bliss.' I asked him if he knew the definition of 'bliss' and he said, 'No, I'm happy just knowing what 'ignorance' means!'"
Barry Sandburg (1950)

"Sometimes I wish it were always 6a.m., but then I worry about all the confusion that would cause."
Nancy Wyoming(1950)

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