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Saturday Drawings, 5/6/06
This past Saturday I had a huge headache all evening and mostly laid down and dozed till about 11pm. Eventually I got up to hang out with Rowan in my office, the bird room being full of sleeping parrots. She was doing various things online and I was sitting at my worktable, staring at all the drawing crap I have.

I realized I hadn't really drawn anything for quite a while and this was as good a time as any to get back on it. It being Saturday I was having a drink or two as I went along, and it kept getting later and later and I kept getting more and more tired. But it being Saturday, I wanted it to last as long as possible.

I did these three drawings, presented in order of completion.

The first is Dinner Tonight and it's much like the drawings I normally do. Fairly sparse with a central figure. I like stipple shading, and I ended up using some of my old Citadel inks for most of it. I got them originally over ten years ago when I was into the Epic Space Marines game system. I believe there is some Plasma Red, Lava Orange and Skaven Brown in this one.

The next one, Vogts, is based on the game system I'm working on now. The box I've designed for the game has an Illustrator-created version of this drawing. In fact, this character is based on some drawings I did a long time ago; but at the time he was intended to be a murderer, not a detective.

Lastly is Genuine Class, drawn freehand with a ZIG Millennium pen. I picked the pen up at a Fabric Store because it promised a smooth, flowing line. Unfortunately it is still much inferior to the plain old Pilot pens I use for lettering and quick drawings. Incidentally, most of the time I draw with nib pens and Winsor & Newton India ink.

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