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A Schizophrenic's Guide to Air Conditioner Repair

Remarkable remarkable. This is what happens. Genesis 1:1 in the begin there is Jesus and Jesus is Blue and he runs he runs like lightning in a bottle with Ben Franklin chasing him cuz Jesus can't fly his kite and grandma won't give no tail.

This now is Tumtum, the Tumtum of history's sake. He don't take and he don't give and he don't care. He like Fresh Kittens but they ain't friends. They depend on one another for food and groceries like ice cream. They have chocolate between them.

Onward and upward Unto Onto lifts a spaceship and flies to space. The moon is big. Real big. You couldn't lift it but I can. I picked up the moon and put it in my pocket but they won't let me buy shoes with it. I'm a Turbo when the shoes are on. I flip the 'on' switch on and go flying like a spacefly in space.

I did land in Korea like they say. One, two, Exodus, Leviticus, Dooley. They put me in a Smartfit like they say. I was a monster and ate a cream pie with my teeth. Not a month. January, December, Marchday, Aprilness.

I go again! I go again! A'la Discus throw and through. This time I'm watching not like last time. They took my money and fed me to the shark. But I punched my wayout and swim to Alaksa. Run down Trombone Hallway you Nazi greengrocer. Bigfoot on the rag like they say.

Pick me up Digdug! This ain't Romulans no more! We're on our way, you heard me listen to God, right? He says there's no more worries, Heaven ain't full and we have reservations. I fought that buffalo with a tanktop and broke his nose.

This now my finality. In a Dogwalk Tin Can I saved hurricanes like a baby. Hard toast, like they say. It's a mother of a time I found and you can't take that. What you stole I got it writ down and the police right behind you. Torn and soaked up like they say.

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