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Oh the Sentence Cube Knows

Yesterday, while at Diversity looking for some new furniture, I came upon the Sentence Cube Game (Scrabble brand). What it is, is 21 dice with words written on each face. You throw the dice, you make a sentence, you score points. And from the cover of the box you also play it on the floor while wearing an ill-fitting brown suit. For the ladies it entails feigning interest.

The set is complete except for the sand timer, but I can always raid the ol' Pictionary if it comes right down to it. Really, I'm not too keen on playing, it just seems like a great way to get some inspiration for writing. Or, for telling the future. Following are ten actual semi-coherent sentences created by rolling the devil dice (punctuation added).

She some bad black girl if me want his love.

Let the beast start at you; had first part made small.

The soft foot you made? Later, when some be as boy.

We held out slow; and when us big, not a time down.

I smell down the leg or slow hand, laugh: it took thing.

Walk and want like lap.

Why her no live on bare white, a hard eye not for baby.

A foot be like the cold, our bad part hear me walk.

Can you hear my small baby got a hot girl?

The cold one can live them down. They walk, too. Gave your hot wife, held heart.

I know at least one of those like totally applies to your life, right? Oh, one last thing. Since this came from a thrift store of course there were some old scoresheets in there. I don't quite know what to make of them, maybe it's a 70's way of scoring.


Guardian angels?! And they didn't even have a score! What is that? It freaks me out a little. And the sentence on the back of the sheet:

how I came to taste my big dirty ply and did love the good boy who had me for work too.

Eff ing creepy.

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