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Rowan's Midnight Snackstravaganza!

Rowan and I are known to occasionally stay up late, and when you stay up late you get hungry. But after enough nights of chips or little cheese sammiches, you want something different.

Rowan has become quite adept at taking the ordinary snacks most everyone has, or can readily come by, and weaving them into some great tapestry of flavor where each bite brings with it a new satisfaction.

Now, having said that, I would not suggest these snacks for the daytime. They are far too steeped in the dark mysteries of the night to make sense to a palate aching of the sun. Sorry, didn't mean to get all gothic on you there, but these snacks really do stay with you.

Create these mini-sandwiches by placing between two stoned wheat thin crackers (one spread with cashew butter, the other dijon mustard):
a thin slice of swiss
a thin slice of sharp cheddar
one Rye Triscuit™
a thin slice of granny smith apple
a creamy slice of brie

This is your awesome sandwich.

The Dreamcatcher
A mixed bowl consisting of:
BBQ Fritos™
Andy Capp Hot Fries™
white cheddar popcorn

Serve with a glass of organic 1% milk with 3 cubes of ice.

The People-Pleaser
2 slices toasted sourdough bread with cream cheese & capers
2 slices rye bread toasted with sharp cheddar & seedy mustard
2 slices light oatmeal bread toasted with cashew butter

2 glasses of organic 1% milk, 3 cubes ice each. In case you hadn't noticed, this snack is for two. Or four, if you're really into sharing.

The Tokyo Rose
1 package vegetarian ramen noodles cooked to package directions. Additionally, add diced fresh garlic.

Serve in fancy bowls, top with cilantro & eat with chopsticks (Chopsticks must be used! Unless you don't have them. In that case, just use your index and middle fingers.). Optional: crush up saltines for a topping. This cheap, effortless dish WOWS drunk and/or stoned people.

Serve with ice water & coffee mugs filled with saltines.

Crappy Mac
Make a regular ol' box of mac & cheese. No milk or butter? Just use water! When it's done, dump a ton of spicy salsa into your mac.

Eat out of a large coffe mug. Serve with beer or spinach salad.

Ramen with Jazz!
Make a package of vegetarian ramen according to directions, but don't add the spice packet. Strain all of the water out when the noodles are cooked. Add half the spice packet powder to drained noddles, stir.

Insead of a utensil, use Nacho Cheese Doritos™ to feed yourself.

Serve with orange juice, 3 cubes ice is optional on this one.

Going to the Movies with a Fisherman
1 bowl popped popcorn spritzed with olive oil & tossed with Old Bay™ seasoning

Serve with 1 glass of milk with 3 cubes of ice.

The Creep
One cold, spicy steamed shrimp, topped with a slice of roast beef. Dip in cream cheese

Have more than one.

The Abercrombie & Mitch
1 can of asparagus (unfortunately, the squishy canned asparagus is key to the recipe)
1 small bowl of mayo

Dip the A in the M.

Do not serve with a beverage.

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