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5 Spoken Word Poets you should be listening to
Lady Mama Perv
Town ain't big enough for me
and my
"yes ma'am"
"no ma'am"
I will beat you with them
and bounce them off your head
like a beanbag on
a trampoline.

Ah Xiu
I'm a little teapot
short and real
my sister's in Iraq
dealin' with the deal.
For what?
How many flavors of woman
was she?
It used to be many. Now she's just one:

Kid Hugs
I am so sleepy right now
I mean
I'm trying to get some work done but
I am so sleepy.
Seriously, get me a pillow.
A pillow fit for a poet. A poet's pillow.
I don't care, whatever,
Just get me a damn pillow!
I said I was sleepy!

Grant Mercer
When I was at Yale I knew this guy from Harvard
He and I would freestyle constantly
One day he says,
There's a Harvard man and a Yale man in the men's bathroom.
As they're leaving, the Yale man notices the Harvard man didn't wash his hands.
The Yale man says,
"At Yale they teach us to wash up after we go to the bathroom."
The Harvard man replies,
"At Harvard they teach us not to piss on our hands!"

I said,
I wish I had known that before I accepted.

Some people say Gravy is not
my real name.
Then what is my "real" name?
What do I answer to?
What do I call me?
What do you
call you?
My parents write "Marsha"
on the checks.

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