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What the Hell is a Fourthmeal?

So I went to Taco Bell today because we need to go grocery shopping and got a Beef & Potato Burrito, a Baja Chalupa, and an Iced Tea. That's right: 970 calories (I still have 1530 to go!), 52g of fat (15g saturated), 2440mg of sodium (that's 102% of your RDA. I'm an overachiever!). But it's also 30% of my RDA of calcium & iron, 20% of Vitamin A, and 15% of Vitamin C.

I know and you know all that stuff is bad for you. I still find it tasty, so kill me. Really what I'm focusing on here is the iced tea.

First thing, it was the dregs. Quite literally it was the very last of it from the dispenser. On top of that it wasn't sweet tea. Well it was when it got to me, but only because the guy dumped straight up sugar outta the bag into the container before he poured it.

It wasn't filled all the way, which was fine, but I didn't appreciate the loose tea leaves crunching around my mouth when I drank it. I thought at first "oh it's just the sugar that didn't dissolve", but no. It was loose tea (or black sugar, which is even worse), and who knows how long it had been sitting at the bottom of that dispenser. So I dumped it about two sips in.

Then I noticed the paper cup the tea had been in. Nothing physically wrong with it, but printed on the side was the phrase "Fourthmeal - The Meal Between Dinner & Breakfast." Fourthmeal? I usually call that "alcohol."

But really, does that need a name? Even more so, does it need a site? Looks like they spent a lot of money on it as well. That's too bad because they probably could have put that money to better use. Like maybe on filters for the iced tea dispensers.

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