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Found: THINGS I Rember Growing Up

Rowan and I went to Burlington Coat Factory the other day to look for a clothes hamper. Even though their commercials say they're more than great coats, I didn't want to believe. Turns out, they have tons of crap in there. It's like a TJ Maxx or Marshall's, but with wayyy more coats.

Having found a suitable hamper, we began to make our way to the register. Before we got there, though, Rowan decided to check out a couple of coats on the off-chance it ever falls below 90 degrees one day. The first coat she touched, touched I tell you, caused a handwritten piece of paper to fall out.

It's titled THINGS I Rember Growing Up, and it's not joking. It's a long list of things whoever wrote it remembered about their childhood. Our only guess is that someone had bought the coat and returned it with the paper stuffed in one of the inside pockets. Perhaps it's fitting that "Left the list in the pocket of the coat I'm returning" is not on the list.

Below is a scan of the front and back of the paper. I upped the contrast on the scan to make it easier to read. I can't make out all of the items, but if you can figure out what the person has written, let me know. I am interested.

Below is what I've figured so far. Where one line seems to carry over the next, I use a slash (/) to indicate the line break. All spelling errors are copied from the original except where ommitted letters make the word unreadable (e.g.: Germy in the text is, I think fairly obviously, Germany):

1. When I lived in Petersburg, VA I was in / a private school 418 [...]
2. Was 3yr. [...] when we lived in Germany(?) 1957-85
3. We visit other country Rome Italy even saw a pope
4. My father and grandfather saw many baseball games
5. [...] threw the first ball
6. My father's father worked at [...]
7. Train station in Washington DC
8. My mother's mother's house [...]
9. Banister us kids love ride The Back room was / read hot A Big in Front over the [...]
10. [no idea]
11. My sister Barbara was a cheerleader and / Homecoming queen in high school
12. I lived behing my High School
13. 10 grade I had take [...]
14. Was in [...] 3 years we made it
15. [no idea]

16. On Wed we march arown the football field
17. Our school was [...] with [...]
18. Shool colors were green and gold
19. I knew a lot of kids
20. I start we had a lot club
21. We lived in VA(?) 21 years
22. My father died over there mom
23. Want to move back to Richmond to be / near my sister we pray about / it We Left the tear the tear
24. She got [...] first time she had [...] 50A / But we came back every 2 years to visit her
25. I like it better this time I have gotta / get room - TK see more on P1
26. Like the museum [...] 4 of the State Governors

So there's the basic outline of someone's life on the front and back of a piece of typing paper. No idea who did write it, or why, or if they ever did move back to Richmond.

Maybe it was a school project, some kid interviewing their grandparent. Maybe it's some Memento guy's list of what he needs to know. That might be cool. Well, cool for me. Very not cool for somebody who now can't remember all that stuff.

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