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Tuna Burgers: a Study in Creation

Well tonight we (mostly Rowan, but I took pictures and stood nearby) made tuna burgers and I wanted to capture all of the bits of the mealmaking process. So if you need to make tuna burgers sometime soon and you have difficulty following written directions, the following images could very well save your life.

First you're going to need two (2) cans of tuna. We used StarKist, but you can use whatever you have; I prefer StarKist because I'm a name-brand whore when it comes to some foods.

Next, crack a couple of eggs into a large mixing bowl, whip 'em up and then dump in the (drained) tuna.

Then, chop up a half an onion (we used red) and throw that in there along with some horseradish and lemon juice. Also, Rowan added a couple teaspoons of relish (not pictured) later on in the process while I was doing something else.

Following that, chop up a clove of garlic (or however much) and toss that in. Then it's time for the dry bits. Rowan used a picked-apart slice of bread, a couple tablespoons of premade bread crumbs and a couple of tablespoons of dry oats. Yes, oats.

Here is a pic of the completed tuna mix. Cover this with plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge while you cook the fries. That's Rowan with the bag of fries. Let me tell you, I'd never heard of this Alexia™ company before a couple of weeks ago but damned if they don't make some of the best frozen fries I've ever had. Very good, very cheap. Alexia™. Try it, won't you?

Moving on, try to arrange your fries in the dying afternoon sunset for maximum flavor. Cook 'em till there's about ten minutes left till they're ready and then form your tuna mix into patties.

Fry the little guys up in a fair amount of oil (we used olive oil because we're so la-dee-da). Then, when they're pretty much done put them on the tray with the fries and let them bake for another five minutes or so to firm up.

Mix a few tablespoons of mayo with some lemon juice and chili powder for a nice little spread to go on the burgers. I dipped my fries in it because I'm nasty.

Lastly, it's the culmination of the meal I dutifully photographed along the length of its strange and wonderful journey. Again, make sure you have the orange light of dusk crossing your plate as you eat to experience the meal fully. And a cup of applesauce wouldn't hurt.

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