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Uh-oh it's Magic!

So a long time ago my dad got me this book, Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic. I always loved the book, but the tricks were far too complex. Even the ones that were supposed to be "parlour tricks" required you to douse sugar cubes in calcium nitrate or build a candle out of an apple and almond slivers. Too much for a kid who just wanted to impress people without much effort.

Here's a few examples of tricks I could never do as a kid, and I'd still be hard-pressed to do today.

This one is about a talking statue; to prove there's not a person in there the magician is supposed to run swords through the thing. The trick? There isn't a person in there at all, but a midget! Ta-da!

First of all, this one requires me to find a midget and build him a little casing he can hide in. Then I have to get swords, write questions for him to answer; just too much for a kid or even an adult for that matter. Unless he's into carpentry and requesting things of little people, then it might work.

For these I'll just run down the list of the tricks and you can figure why they didn't work out for me:

  1. Arabians slicing a birthday cake
  2. Man in tuxedo slicing a birthday cake while his son sits in a box
  3. Sending a ballerina spiralling to her death
  4. Douchebag talks about how when he was in China the vases were so cheap
  5. Zombie Hunting

Half of those I don't even know why they're considered tricks but as you can see, they're far too complicated for the average person. I don't even know anyone who's been to China.

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