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Salads, Sushi and Love from Ukrop's™

Rowan's Salad
  • cottage cheese
  • seafood salad
  • eggs, baby corn, cucumber, and what looks like orange zest.
  • vinaigrette dressing
  • strawberries & cream (i.e., cool whip™)
I'm not really one for the baby corn. It's tasty and all, but I had a bad experience with it as a kid. I bit through it really hard, not knowing how soft it was, and Wham!, rattled my head when my jaw slammed shut. Did I mention I was listening to Wham!? I like the way sentences end when you're talking about Wham!.

My Salad
  • tuna salad
  • cole slaw w/ hardboiled egg
  • spinach, sprouts, radishes, beets, cheese
  • sunflower seeds, bac-on-bits, croutons
This salad was good except that there was far too much creamy stuff in it. I don't think anyone needs a half pound of tuna salad along with all that other crap. Especially a hardboiled egg and radishes. Oh and I had ranch dressing on the salad bit. With chocolate milk.

I didn't finish it, though. I put the rest up in the dash of my car and'll probably have it for lunch tomorrow.

Sushi (Philadelphia roll - ha! cuz it's got cream cheese)
  • cream cheese
  • avocado
  • fake crab (real fish)
These were actually pretty good. I might have preferred fish to cream cheese since it was a little globby, but tasty nonetheless. The avocado I didn't taste. I never taste avocado in stuff like this, especially when the quantity is so small. I think it's just there to jack up the price. Either that or I've been spoiled by the great fistfuls of avocado I eat throughout the day.

May as well replace it with hardboiled egg white for all the flavor it gives.

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