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Conspiracy Cutaway: Washington DC

Every city has its secrets, and DC probably has more than most. This is the first in a series of illustrations showing what lies beneath the relatively normal exterior of great American cities. I hope this will clear up a lot of confusion regarding what's really been going on right under our noses.

You'll notice Washington has a fairly well-developed series of elevators and footpaths connecting the various subterranean rooms and activity stations; this layout indicates a definite plan of use on the part of the designers. As we'll see with other cities (such as Los Angeles), the growth of the underground is much more organic and sometimes jarring in its flow of rooms.

As a means of determining scale in the diagram below, imagine something very incredibly large.

So next time you're in our nation's capital, don't be afraid to ask about the Dinosaur Farm or Sexy Androids that sit mere hundreds of feet below you. Hey, maybe Orson Welles will share some of his bacon with you. But I doubt it.

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