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William Burroughs' Top Ten Ways to Describe Jell-O™

The green jiggling hard-on spurting crystal

I lean back on my elbows. "You want to see it get hard?" Kiki puts the powder in some water. "Now we wait. It get hard soon."

Colloidal membrane sucking like an asshole sound

Agent Cosby find gelatinous mold electric tingling suspect

Banana cocks suspended in blue morning

Tu madre in rock formation stained with jizzum

"Oh this is despicable," said Hank the pusher wiping dried spit off his lips sparking like a goddamn Roman candle up some virgin asshole.

It was in the fridge for fourteen hours by god the whole thing covered in whipped cream standing erect

Shaking like some junk sick ex-con pissing and shitting out twenty years hard labor

Wild Bill shoves yellow cock up Doc Holliday in amber mist of sundown. Smell of pistachio and lime. "This time we get it right."

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